Jonas Engel alto sax, clarinet, modified p-trumpet
Andrea Bazzicalupo guitar, preparations
Asger Thomsen double bass, objects

A space traversed by ideas in movement.
Complex timbres, micro detailed structures, blend of acoustic and artificial sounds, fragmented
elements, strong physical approach and gestures, multi layers interweaving…and a rich dose
of intensity thrown into the mix.
Improvisation is the key method that feeds the instant creation and the constructive processing.
Exploring multi-idiomatic musical environments, the result is a unique stream of sound, frozen like a
fluorescent sculpture.

Ø is an international project joining musicians from Denmark, Germany and Italy.
The trio works with advanced techniques and prepared instruments in a free sonic landscape that unfolds spontaneously
and fluidly, focusing on textural sounds and explosive dissonances. Each has cultivated original approaches to their
instruments and strives for a transcendent music that is at once abstract and precise.
Each performance is unique – in time and space.

Photo: Philippe Lenglet