Andrius Dereviancenko: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Szymon Pimpon Gasiorek: drums, percussion
Asger Thomsen: double bass, composition

LITTERJUG is a double award-nominated Copenhagen-based trash jazz trio featuring three original improvisers from Poland, Lithuania, and Denmark.

Bloodstock themes, cascading drum fills, pumping bass lines, and flamethrower saxophone cries – LITTERJUG is a rollercoaster ride of joyful anarchy.

The band’s explorations are heavily rock-inspired, with a dose of abrasive free flow improvisations. The trio offers contrast-filled, action-packed music, sometimes rocking a simple groove, and other times boldly wandering into abstract territories.

In 2022 LITTERJUG was nominated at Danish Music Awards jazz in the categories “Experimental album of the year” and “New name of the year”.

“Thomsen constantly juggles the sonorous and cacophonous contrasts and you sit there as if strapped into a child’s seat in the middle of his pawing bomb-bomb, Pimpon’s sideswipes, and the sax furors that make your little hair flutter.”

Bad Alchemy #116 – Rigobert Dittmann – Germany

The musicians chose an impressive hill for the final – they shout, prepare, mock every phrase!


LITTERJUG operates like a tight collective, relying on the trust and the inventive improvisational skills of its musicians.

Eyal Hareuveni,

Great music full of power and
expression, yes dense with emotional content.

Maciej Lewenstein

Andrius Dereviancenko (tenor saxophone) finished his bachelor degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2016. Studied with a lot of great musicians and educators like Don Braden, Miguel Zenon, Mark Turner, Ken Schaphorst, Ferdinand Povel, Simon Rigter and others. Won the Leiden Jazz Award with Andrius Dereviancenko Quartet in 2013. Took the public award and best composition award with a band Morgan Freeman at the Tremplin Jazz Européen d’Avignon 2016.

Szymon Gąsiorek is a Copenhagen-based Polish drummer, composer and improviser working within multiple contexts. His sound ranges from textural detailed poetry through rhythmic gravitation to energetic outbursts. Currently studying at Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He is a leader and co-leader of such bands as: Pimpono Ensemble, The Love And Beauty Seekers, Wood Organization, Gadedrengehop, I Love My Mother, Mother Uraño as well as a part of LOVE, G Bop Orchestra, Franciszek Pospieszalski Sextet and Tomasz Sroczyński Trio. He has co-founded a collective and record label Love & Beauty Music. Involved in organizing DIY festivals and event series as Dźwięko Działka or ‚_is happening’.

Asger Thomsen is a bass player and composer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works primarily in the field of contemporary improvised music. With a physical, detail-oriented approach and a rich palette of sounds –often strengthened by the use of unconventional extended techniques, he aims for contrast and dynamic forward motion in his music. Thomsen has established himself as a versatile improviser on the Copenhagen scene, and tours internationally. He can be heard in many different contexts spanning from rock to free/experimental jazz and the avant-garde. He leads or co-leads projects such as Autolysis, The Moms, Perfect Volume, Our Hearts as Thieves, and a solo project of his own.


Bad Alchemy #116 – Rigobert Dittmann