As leader/co-leader:

Engel/Bazzicalupo/Thomsen – Ø (CD/digital, Shrike Records, 2024)

Jonas Engel/Asger Thomsen – Kölschner (digital, bandcamp 2023)

Our Hearts as Thieves – pain is a form of violence prone to happiness (digital, The Bodily Press 2023)

LITTERJUG (CD/digital, Gotta Let It Out 2022)

Solipsis: solo double bass improvisations (LP/digital, Polyjuxta Records 2021)

Our Hearts as Thieves – What the Wildflower Witnessed (2xCD/digital, The Bodily Press 2021)

Autolysis (LP, The Bodily Press 2020)

Atlas (Søvn Records, 2019)

Magpie – Six Feet on Solid Ground (CD/bc, The Bodily Press 2019)

Shelton/Thomsen – Nyboder Duets (Digital, Singlespeed Music 2019)

Cleanness/Cleannesse (2x cassette tapes, Insula Jazz 2018)

Our Hearts As Thieves (digital 2018)

Gianluca Elia/Asger Thomsen – Perfect Volume (CD+DL, 2018)

Ham On Rye (digital, 2018)

Asger Thomsen – Solo (cassette tape + digital, Insula Jazz/Polyjuxta Records, 2017)

Mia Dyberg/Asger Thomsen – Desolate Blossom (digital, Bandcamp 2017)

Konkyhlie – Konkyhlie (vinyl + digital, ILK 2016)

Asger Thomsen – Den Polyvalente Hjelm (vinyl + digital, Polyjuxta Records 2016)

The Seaweed – EP (digital, Gateway 2013)

As sideman:

Mia Dyberg Trio – Timestretch (CD, Clean Feed, 2023)

Mads Fisker – En Pamflet Om Ingenting (LP/digital, 2023)

Jacob Anderskov – Spirit of the Hive (LP/digital, ILK, 2021)

Mia Dyberg Trio – Ticket! (CD, Clean Feed 2018)