Sarah Buchner: vocal/flute
Mika Persdotter: viola
Tomas Gubbins: guitar
Asger Thomsen: double bass

The quartet is rooted in the vital free improv scene of Copenhagen and delivers a highly volatile music expressing ideas ranging from frenetic textures to fragmented songlike gestures. It’s serious music with lots of humour and bold choices.

The band consists of international players from Germany, Sweden, Chile, and Denmark:
Sarah Buchner is a highly original vocalist from Cologne with an always intense musical presence. Mika Persdotter is a classically trained violist known from the string quartet Halvcirkel, her open minded approach makes her able to fit into almost any situation.
Tomas Gubbins is seeking to expand the vocabular of the electric guitar with a minimalist and precise attitude. Asger Thomsen is always trying to push the limits for sounds to be produced from the acoustic double bass while making sure that the music moves forward.

Their debut album is to be released in 2024.